Weekend Recap-This is Why I Drink


See this face? This is my face last Friday at 4:00pm after I fled my house in search of five minutes of peace. Friday was one of those days that I had to keep reminded myself why I love my kids. By noon Bubba had pulled all the DVDs out, several of them out of their cases, dumped a partial bag of tortilla chips all over the living room, set the house alarm off-which cause the state police to knock on my door and see me in my pajamas and wild hair-and bang his head so hard on the windows they shook. I finally dumped him on his bed for a nap and spent the entirely too brief time cleaning up his mess and reminding myself these days will pass too quickly. Then when the girls got home from school, I fled…alone. 😉

I had a valid reason-Music Man had a children’s concert that night at a local library. Originally I was going to take all the kids with me, but after a disastrous morning with the toddler, I thanked God for older sisters who can babysit and went alone. It was fun and I even got into an extended discussion with a girl who had just moved to our area and had taken violin lessons before. I gave her mother a flyer and introduced her to Music Man. The girl is homeschooled so is having a hard time making friends in a new area, something I can totally relate to, as I was homeschooled and struggled with the same thing.


My favorite portion of the evening was when Music Man played snippets of famous pieces and had the kids guess the song. They knew a couple of the songs but didn’t know the names, however the idea that these songs they hear on tv and in movies and commercials being played live really intrigued them. I love watching little kids see live music played. Their eyes light up and they just enjoy it.


Saturday we began our house purge in earnest-and started packing (!). Yes, I said packing! We are getting ready to move to a new house (once construction is complete), so we’ve started collecting boxes and packing up books and other things we don’t need daily. We also went through the girls room-all except their clothes. It feels good to have everything sorted and organized as opposed to throwing everything in a box to be sorted later. Later that night we watched a movie as a family and I cuddled with Rufus-who has decided his favorite spot is my shoulder. He sits like this and just cuddles my neck and it’s the cutest thing ever.


This photo of Bubba and Music Man was taken Saturday night-but it could have been any time, as they often are found hanging out and playing and watching tv. These guys of mine are two peas in a pod, they are so similar in their interests. It’s so cute to watch them bond.


After the kids were in bed, Music Man and I just cuddled until I fell asleep on the sofa-something that happens almost every night. Having that time to just sit and relax and unwind and just be is nice and so important.

Sunday we went to church and then brunch and errands. I loved having my babies all sit and play the peg game at Cracker Barrel. Taking Bubba out can be tough as he gets impatient, but he was fairly good. I also bought him a new book at the store attached-the Spring version of the Little Blue Truck series. He has three of the others in the series and loves the tales of the old blue truck.

By the time we got home Sunday afternoon it was later than planned, so we just took it easy and watched some of the race, made dinner and then the three musicians-Music Man, Bits and Ani-all had to practice to do. So for about an hour, you heard a violin, a bass clarinet, and a guitar all going at the same time. Bubba had gone to bed at that point and just slept through it. Of course, he’s been hearing at least someone practice like that his entire life. Hazards of living with musicians-you just tune it out.


Bubba and Music Man enjoyed watching the race and eating a snack-again these two have such a bond!


Sunday night I started a new crochet project-this one is for me! And cuddling with my boy. He sat on my shoulder for almost an hour while I crocheted. This week is yet another busy one but with extra rehearsals as Bits has her school musical this weekend. She’s playing in the pit and has several spots where she has a solo so she has late rehearsals and run-throughs all this week in addition to school and homework. So, even more, running around but that’s our life-a musicians’ life that is!


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