Weekend Recap-Just Do What Makes You Happy

weekend recap-grits online

This weekend was filled with more spring-cleaning, new family members, racing, good food, and silliness.


Friday afternoon Bubba set the tone for the weekend by playing the maracas…with his mouth! This boy keeps me on my toes with new ways to get into things! He loves playing music and singing, but this was a new one.


This quote came across my social media feeds this week and it is so true. Bubba will start dancing and singing even if there is no music playing. He creates his own fun, and that’s a great message to live by.

Saturday morning Music Man and I dropped off the dry-cleaning and went to the post office and all those boring chores adults have to do on Saturday because we are busy working during the week. While at the strip mall, we decided to visit our local pet store and Music Man ended up getting a new baby:


Meet Felix Mendelssohn, an adorable hamster! We picked him, a cage and a ball up and brought it home and the girls promptly fell in love. Bubba is okay with Felix, or “baby Ham!” as he calls him when Felix is in his cage. Outside of it, Bubba is a little shy. But since Felix lives in his cage with Music Man, that’s okay.


Saturday Bubba also decided to have a nap-strike and during a tantrum when I put him back in bed for the fifth time, he banged his face on his bed frame and is now sporting a black eye. It looks worse than it feels but still…ouch!


After he hurt himself we were cuddling and I finally got him to fall asleep in my lap. I still had a million things to do (Music Man had left by then), my office and bedroom were torn apart during my spring cleaning/rearranging binge from that morning, but I decided to stop and just take a couple of hours to hold my baby boy-who is rapidly growing up and no longer a baby. I may have dozed off myself! Probably needed it though.


Sunday we went to church, and Music Man came too. It wasn’t his first time in our church, but it was his first time attending a Sunday morning service (he has played concerts there several times). Then we went to lunch and to pick up some yarn for a new project I was commissioned to make last week (yay!) and some dress shirts for Music Man, since he had dropped all his off at the cleaners the day before and realized he didn’t have any wear to work the next few days (oops!). We then went to the grocery store for dinner supplies and Music Man made this amazing “Chicken Pot Pie” which was more like a stew with lots of yummy veggies and chicken and instead of a pie crust, potatoes and crostinis.

We gathered as a family to watch the Daytona 500 and after the kids were in bed Music Man and I played with Felix some more. We put him in his hamster ball and he rolled around the living room before stopping to watch the movie with us. Which cracked us up, because how many hamsters watch television?

This week is another busy one-today I have a doctor’s appointment so I’m grateful the girls are home from school for President’s Day so I don’t have to drag Bubba along. Yay for big sisters old enough to babysit! Then it’s Ani’s guitar lessons, dinner-which Music Man already made up yesterday and left for us to pop in the oven and prep for the week. Bits has two big events this week at school, including a competition and concert, and I also have some work conferences and a class I’m taking this week. I need to write a post about my social media managing because that has really started taken off lately and I’m grateful to have a career that allows me to stay home with my kids and be there for them when they need me. Being a parent is hard, being a single parent is even harder…so to add working eight to ten hours five days a week outside the house would just add to the stress. I know plenty of single parents who do just that…but I’m grateful I get to work from home (and my car, and waiting rooms, and coffee shops and grocery stores…).


Week-long Recap

I didn’t do a weekend recap on Monday because as I explained on my Instagram Stories, I had a crappy weekend. Well, one half was crappy, one half was recovering from crappy. Emotional stress plus some physical stress plus my depression and anxiety all combined for a perfect storm of crap. Luckily I survived almost unscathed and I went to bed Sunday night grateful for my man and my babies who suffered alongside me, and still love me despite it all.

I thought instead I’d do a week-long recap.

Monday The Ex came over and took Bubba for the whole day…because he was off work and I had work to do. I spent six hours editing photographs from two jobs I had last week, and finally jumped in the shower right before the girls got home. Then it was homework, rush out the door and grabbed dinner on the way to Ani’s guitar lesson. She is in her third week of private guitar lessons and loving it. She loves her instructor, she loves her guitar, she loves everything about it. Apparently she wrote a song of sorts and loves having the knowledge to put notes together to make her own music. I’m thrilled she has finally found an instrument she loves (she’s also tried trombone and keyboard).

Tuesday it was back to my boy and I and we had a good day just getting stuff done around the house. I wasn’t feeling 100% (thank you Mother Nature) but he was great about playing on his own and letting me get a pass.

Wednesday was my one kid-free day, so I ran errands and met Music Man for lunch. It was also Valentine’s Day and we celebrated by a sweet evening planned by my love. Roses, silly and sweet cards, an amazing sushi dinner (Music Man is the only one I know who loves sushi like I do so we enjoy sharing rolls and each choosing things to share), dessert via Dairy Queen and then home where it became apparent I was done for the night. Cramps, headache, generally feeling yucky….how lovely it is to be a woman (not!). My sweet valentine simply handed me my favorite pajama pants, grabbed my electric blanket and cuddled with me on the couch. No pressure, no comment about not having any romantic time…he just gets it you know? I told him the next day you could tell he grew up with sisters, a mom and aunts. Because sometimes he just gets the female thing.

Thursday was catch-up day and I also went through my entire closet and under my bed and got rid of clothes, shoes and bags. It’s part of my semi-annual house purge and my van was already filled with bags from the kids closets and some old games they don’t play anymore.

That brings us to today, which meant spending the morning having breakfast with Music Man, going to Walmart for groceries (and shoes for Ani and clothes for Bits and windshield wipers for Music Man…thankful for one-stop shops like that!), and home where Bubba decided to take a nap strike. Instead we cuddled and now I’m making dinner-roast chicken, smashed rosemary-garlic potatoes, roasted carrots, and beer bread. I’ve never tried the beer bread before but it sounded yummy. And since it’s been raining all day, it’s a good Friday-night in meal that will mean lots of leftovers to munch tomorrow so I don’t have to cook (yay!).

This weekend we have plans for boring adult stuff like more spring cleaning and shopping for a new mattress. I know exciting life I lead, right? I’m sure we will also be watching parts of the Daytona 500, because both my boys-Music Man and Bubba-are HUGE racing fans. Other than music it’s all they talk about! Guess I’m going to learn huh?

Hope everyone has a warm, dry and fun weekend!

Why I Pulled My Son Out of Daycare…

I mentioned the other day that Bubba is now home with me all day. Last summer we signed him up for full-time daycare, and while he thrived in the lovely daycare center run by an amazing family that was located on a farm, his dad and I decided to keep him home for the time being.

I’m not gonna lie-money was a factor. Daycare or even a part-time preschool program is expensive and since I work from home there was a part of me that kept thinking of how I could save that money. It would require some adjustments on my part, but nothing major.

Another part of it was the time I wasn’t getting with my only boy. Most days I’d pick him up from daycare, come home and get dinner ready, then it was bath and bedtime. Weekends weren’t much better as we are always on the go. By the time Sunday night rolled around, Bubba was clinging to me, not wanted to go to bed, knowing the next day was Monday and it was back to daycare.

I admit I had similar feelings. A couple of times Bubba had to stay home due to not feeling well or appointments and I loved having my buddy with me. Especially when the girls were in school and we got some quality one-on-one time. I loved having my buddy along with me while I ran errands or even stayed home and worked and did housework.

A third reason is there are several things he wasn’t learning at daycare that I want him to learn now. One of them is music. Bubba has a natural ability for music and loves to sing and can even pound out simple rhythms on a drum or tambourine. I’m in the process of signing him up for formal classes/lessons (thankfully Music Man runs a music school!), but in the meantime I have enough basic knowledge to get him started. Years of being in singing groups myself, plus having the older girls be in pageants and concerts has given me plenty of knowledge on early childhood basic music skills. There are a couple of other things as well, such as potty-training (he’s rapidly getting ready, which is earlier than his sisters were) and some other things I want to focus on with him.

I loved the daycare we found based on a recommendation of a friend. He had a couple of boys right around his age and several other kids who he loved seeing everyday, and he grew attached to the adults as well. And they loved him equally back. At the time Bubba started daycare he was surrounded by older kids and adults so he thought he was an older kid. Spending seven months in daycare with kids his own age taught him how to be a toddler, and that was a good thing.

So between the money, the things he wasn’t learning at daycare, and the time I was missing out on with my boy…we decided to keep him home, at least for now. We’ve spent the last couple days getting into a new routine. He helped me make dinner yesterday, we’ve run errands and picked up the girls from activities, and had lots of snuggles.

There will be times I cannot be with him-but luckily the Ex has days off during the week and between myself, him, two sisters that are both old enough to babysit, his godparents and even Music Man, we are covered. Which is also a good thing because as much I love my time with Bubba, I’m not naive to realize I will also need a break now and then.

But in the meantime I will cherish these moments with my rapidly-growing little boy and remind myself it won’t be too long before he’s off to school and my house is quiet again. Not sure I’m ready for that…(sniff). I miss my babies!

Weekend Away

We had a nice weekend away, Music Man and I. The kiddos went with their dad and MM and I used the excuse of him having a solo concert as an excuse to escape town. We didn’t go far, just far enough to have an excuse to ignore the real world for a couple of days.


We started the weekend with Music Man giving a solo performance. If you know anything about classical music and/or the violin, you know there aren’t that many pieces written *just* for the violin, but he picked several good pieces that were engaging, interesting and managed to show how they all were linked together. He even managed to educate the crowd as well, which makes sense given he isn’t just a performer, he’s also a teacher. One of the students at his school even came by with her dad, and got to brag as being the only one in the crowd who knew who one of the composers was! I got the distinction of knowing what one of the pieces was, but Music Man said it didn’t count since I’d heard him practice that same piece (and complain about it) daily. I think it counts!img_2588

A rare shot of the two of us, all dressed up for the show. We clean up pretty good don’t we? Forget the bad lighting…at least I remembered to take a shot of us! I’m horrible about taking photos with me in them. Normally I stay behind the lense (photographer issues)!


Saturday we woke up late, had a nice brunch at a local family restaurant, and then went to the mall to walk around and found a Game Zone. We played a couple of games against each other, in which Music Man beat me at both. What can I say? I’m not a good racer or attacker of zombies. Oh well…


Later on, after we went back to the hotel for a nap-and someone tell me why when we are kids we think naps are bad? Now as an adult I love it when I get the chance to snooze, especially since I never sleep well my first night in a hotel. I loved the fact I could lay down and just snooze without worrying about kids or laundry or anything else. After that we found a local bowling alley and I grumbled because I couldn’t find a ball in my weight with big enough finger holes. Back when I was a teen I went bowling a lot and was pretty good. But Saturday I sucked. Music Man also sucked, but still did better than me. I told myself that letting him win was part of my birthday present to him (his birthday was Friday). Whatever makes me feel better! 😉

Sunday morning I slept in until almost eight am, which is HUGE for me, since my internal clock normally has me up by 5:30 everyday (hazards of having a teen who has to be on the bus before 6:30am); then we packed up, found some more breakfast and headed home. On the way home Music Man and I took the chance to talk serious for a couple of hours. Not always a fun task, but we are committed to communicating and making sure we are always upfront and honest with each other. The past month has brought some changes for both of us, so we needed to talk and make sure we were on the same page. Luckily we are.

After the adulting was done, we went to the store for food stuffs. Before we left I started the makings for my homemade pizza dough. At the time I thought the kiddos might be home in time for dinner, something that didn’t end up happening (well, not exactly). No worries, Music Man and I had fun making and eating homemade pizza, queso, salsa fresca, and guacamole. We watched the puppy bowl before switching over to the SuperBowl.

Neither one of us is an Eagles or a Patriots fan, but we decided to root for the Eagles for several reasons. When Ex dropped the kiddos off, they gave us big hugs before digging into the goodies.


I admit I fell asleep during the halftime show, but I needed the sleep so I’m not upset. Today starts a new schedule for me, as I’m opening my Etsy shop and focusing on the social media. It also starts Bubba being home with me all day, everyday as we made the decision to pull him from daycare. More on that later…for now, have a happy Monday everyone!



The REAL New Year…

Begins today! I say so! Mainly that’s because I’m ready for a fresh start as January 2018 sucked more than it should have. So much went down, so much happened, and so many times I literally cried in despair. BUT…I kept going, kept trying, and even asked for help; which is HUGE for me.

I’m the first to admit I have very high standards for myself, and they include being able to handle this journey called LIFE on my own, gratefully serving and helping others without asking for help myself. Rightfully so, it can make it hard on those closest to me who love me and do want to help. But finally I reached a point where I had no choice but to ask for help.

I’m not going to say, “I should have asked sooner” or “It’s the best decision of my life” or any of those cliched things. I will say asking for help did actually make it a bit easier, but more importantly, life is simply settling down. I think we ALL go through times where life gets super hectic and crazy and it’s a struggle just to keep our heads above water.

What I also will say is, today is a new day, a new month and a chance to start fresh. Not forgetting what I just went through, but taking it as lessons learned, opportunities experienced and time to move on.

And no, Music Man and I didn’t break up, I didn’t quit my job, and no one died. Sometimes the struggles in life are more mundane and boring and “everyday life” things. Things so mundane and boring and everyday it’s not worth going into.

What I will also (also) say is watch this space for more fun stuff ahead as I’ve got some great things coming down the pipeline!

Monday-Here We Go Again…

I’ve long been a fan of “to-do” lists. When I worked for a corporate office I often made myself to-do lists each day in the morning, especially on Mondays and Fridays. I also made a weekly list and a monthly list, because I am that OCD. Having the list made me feel more organized and better prepared to handle whatever my work threw at me.

I feel like I need a to do list for my life. So many balls in the air, so much going on, and my mind is a disorganized mess. As is my house and at-home office. I’ve put aside today and tomorrow to work on that, get more organized and make those to-do list that just make me feel sane.

Since leaving my last work-from-home job, I’ve been granted the opportunity to do lots of other projects, and I need to be able to face them. So this cold, blah Monday (will the sun and warmth ever return?!?) is dedicated to getting organized, making lists, cleaning up and regrouping, both mentally and physically.

One thing that will help is my kids going back to school! Between Christmas, the “bomb cyclone” of a storm, winter colds, in-service days and national bank holidays my girls have been home more than usual. Like, Ana was in school four days and Bits was in school two and a half (thank you sinus infection). Bubba has been going to daycare, but again, not as much so….yeah. My kids need to get back into their routine so I can get back into mine. ASAP. I feel like we’ve been off our routine since Thanksgiving and that was months ago. And as much as I love my kids, I love them even more when they aren’t under foot all the time. I think I have the only two teenagers on the planet who have to be told to go hide in their room all day.

So to-do list, here we go. Life, here we go. Monday, here we go. BOOM! Let’s rock this week y’all, and make it a great one.

Frozen Tundra

So apparently the state of Delaware has no clue how to handle snow or bitterly cold temps. After the blizzard/bomb cyclone left us with 12″ of snow on Thursday, the last three days have been filled with getting roads plowed and friends who have dealt with burst pipes and broken heat pumps and missing oil deliveries. After getting downright bitchy with my landlord on Friday over whose responsibility it is to plow our lane (which is not a public lane but a private road owned by a third party); Saturday morning we finally got plowed out and were able to get to the store to pick up groceries, which was a good thing considering our supplies were dwindling.

Music Man and I also had a rough week, but the fact we hung in there and talked it through showed both of us how committed we are. We also were smart enough to examine what and why the problem started…and how to avoid it in the future. Amazing what open, honest communication can do in a relationship!

My cold and ear infections have never completely gone away but last night I hit a low point where I basically laid on the couch and whined like a man with a cold. 😉

This morning I had to run the sound board at church and deal with some tech problems and a smaller crowd, but we did it and handled it and three services went off with reduced singers singing louder and the hoarse pastor asking for prayers his voice held out, which it did. He also gave me a shoutout which was nice…most of the time we techies are the silent warriors or only hear the complaints.

Afterwards I came home to find The Ex had dropped the kids off and Music Man had made lunch and we ate and talked and then I took a nap because Sunday afternoon naps are totally a thing in our house.

Tomorrow Bubba should go back to daycare, but the girls are home from school. The good news is it’s suppose to go above freezing! And supposedly mid-60s by Friday. I’ll wait and see on that though. For now I’m about to go finish laundry and fix dinner and straighten my bedroom and desk before probably falling asleep while watching television. And pray school resumes soon because the kids were back for two days after being home for ten days for Christmas.

And here’s hoping the second week of 2018 goes much better than the first.