Weekend Recap-This is Why I Drink


See this face? This is my face last Friday at 4:00pm after I fled my house in search of five minutes of peace. Friday was one of those days that I had to keep reminded myself why I love my kids. By noon Bubba had pulled all the DVDs out, several of them out of their cases, dumped a partial bag of tortilla chips all over the living room, set the house alarm off-which cause the state police to knock on my door and see me in my pajamas and wild hair-and bang his head so hard on the windows they shook. I finally dumped him on his bed for a nap and spent the entirely too brief time cleaning up his mess and reminding myself these days will pass too quickly. Then when the girls got home from school, I fled…alone. 😉

I had a valid reason-Music Man had a children’s concert that night at a local library. Originally I was going to take all the kids with me, but after a disastrous morning with the toddler, I thanked God for older sisters who can babysit and went alone. It was fun and I even got into an extended discussion with a girl who had just moved to our area and had taken violin lessons before. I gave her mother a flyer and introduced her to Music Man. The girl is homeschooled so is having a hard time making friends in a new area, something I can totally relate to, as I was homeschooled and struggled with the same thing.


My favorite portion of the evening was when Music Man played snippets of famous pieces and had the kids guess the song. They knew a couple of the songs but didn’t know the names, however the idea that these songs they hear on tv and in movies and commercials being played live really intrigued them. I love watching little kids see live music played. Their eyes light up and they just enjoy it.


Saturday we began our house purge in earnest-and started packing (!). Yes, I said packing! We are getting ready to move to a new house (once construction is complete), so we’ve started collecting boxes and packing up books and other things we don’t need daily. We also went through the girls room-all except their clothes. It feels good to have everything sorted and organized as opposed to throwing everything in a box to be sorted later. Later that night we watched a movie as a family and I cuddled with Rufus-who has decided his favorite spot is my shoulder. He sits like this and just cuddles my neck and it’s the cutest thing ever.


This photo of Bubba and Music Man was taken Saturday night-but it could have been any time, as they often are found hanging out and playing and watching tv. These guys of mine are two peas in a pod, they are so similar in their interests. It’s so cute to watch them bond.


After the kids were in bed, Music Man and I just cuddled until I fell asleep on the sofa-something that happens almost every night. Having that time to just sit and relax and unwind and just be is nice and so important.

Sunday we went to church and then brunch and errands. I loved having my babies all sit and play the peg game at Cracker Barrel. Taking Bubba out can be tough as he gets impatient, but he was fairly good. I also bought him a new book at the store attached-the Spring version of the Little Blue Truck series. He has three of the others in the series and loves the tales of the old blue truck.

By the time we got home Sunday afternoon it was later than planned, so we just took it easy and watched some of the race, made dinner and then the three musicians-Music Man, Bits and Ani-all had to practice to do. So for about an hour, you heard a violin, a bass clarinet, and a guitar all going at the same time. Bubba had gone to bed at that point and just slept through it. Of course, he’s been hearing at least someone practice like that his entire life. Hazards of living with musicians-you just tune it out.


Bubba and Music Man enjoyed watching the race and eating a snack-again these two have such a bond!


Sunday night I started a new crochet project-this one is for me! And cuddling with my boy. He sat on my shoulder for almost an hour while I crocheted. This week is yet another busy one but with extra rehearsals as Bits has her school musical this weekend. She’s playing in the pit and has several spots where she has a solo so she has late rehearsals and run-throughs all this week in addition to school and homework. So, even more, running around but that’s our life-a musicians’ life that is!


Weekend Recap-A Quiet One

This past week and weekend were relatively quiet ones in our house, which is a good thing because starting today we are running non-stop. I swear we have at least one thing (and sometimes more than one thing!) every single day this month. The couple days we don’t have anything scheduled, I actually have scheduled downtime-since it will be few and far between.

Saturday we did our usual chores and laundry. I also did a bunch of baking for some events we have this week and later on this month. Saturday I made brownie bites, and three types of cookies. Music Man had brought home a container of these dunkers from Trader Joe’s last week-basically chocolate chip cookies with chocolate on the bottom. I’m not normally a crunchy cookie fan-but these were super yummy and perfect for dunking in your coffee. So I decided to see if I could recreate them with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. And I did!

I admit-I prefer making things from scratch whenever possible since that means the ingredients are just the basics-flour, meat, veggies, etc. and not all the chemicals and preservatives. We don’t eat 100% natural and organic, and I admit my kids eat drive-thru more often than I’d like, but…I do try. Everything in moderation, as they say.

Sunday I woke up with a raging migraine, thanks to the ever-changing weather (it literally was 65 and raining one day, and 32 and snowing the next day last week!), so we skipped church so I could go back to bed. Later on, I felt marginally better thanks to pain pills and rest, so Music Man and I headed out to our pre-planned date-afternoon. A local restaurant was offering an all-you-can-eat Japanese and sushi buffet, so we took advantage of it and went. It was yummy, but we definitely ate too much! I didn’t even eat a lot-I just took a small portion of everything to try it all looked so good (and tasted good!). On the way home we picked up supplies for homemade pizzas for dinner-but I admit the kids ate more than Music Man and I. I basically ate about half a slice before realizing my stomach was still too full!

Music Man and I both are realizing that with everyone being so busy during the week, and spending Saturdays playing catch-up on chores, work, and homework, that having Sundays just to relax and spend time together is crucial. We had fun as a family making the pizzas and then watching a movie until bedtime. It’s also a good way to reset before Monday comes.

This week kicks off our busy month though-Music Man has four (!) concerts this week, Bits has lots of extra rehearsals for her school’s musical in two weeks (and she has a couple of solos so she is stressing and doing extra work), Music Man has a couple more events, plus the usual lessons for Ani, regular school things, and normal everyday stuff. So I’m relishing the moments-like this past weekend where we can all just relax and be together without having to be somewhere. Not that I don’t love our life, but it’s nice to just relax too!

Happy Monday!


Weekend Recap-Rainy Foggy Days

This weekend had one theme-fog. And rain. It started on Friday and continues into today, Monday complete with a fog delay for the girls. Other than that the weekend was busy but filled with fun!img_2803

Friday started out with Bubba and I heading into Music Man’s office, where I helped him move him desk and hang some pictures and basically organize things. You’d think after eight months in the job he’d already have that stuff done but right after he started they moved into a new building and they needed to paint so it’s actually only been ready to have him arrange things and hang things up for a couple of weeks. And since Music Man is admittedly not a great organizer he welcomed my help, and Bubba’s. Well…actually it was more like I did the work while he played with Bubba and answered emails and did his actual job. At one point I ran to Wal-mart for supplies and also picked up one of those play rugs that has roads on it for toy cars. Music Man and Bubba both got excited about that rug-I think Music Man was disappointed I didn’t leave it there for him to play on, lol! On the way home Bubba conked out while eating his lunch. And he actually stayed asleep when I moved him into the house once we got home-something that has never happened before in his life! Boy usually wakes up and stays awake!

Friday night was date night for Music Man and I. We tried out a new restaurant because a great music duo I love was playing there-but the food was good too! We got a bunch of appetizers to share and had fun trying different things. We got pear flatbread, venison and goat cheese, pork belly and a cheese and meat tray. Music Man and I both are die-hard foodies so we love to try new things.


After dinner we played mini-golf and skeeball to kill time before going to see a movie. We saw Black Panther in 3-D and it was really good! This theater has reclining seats which is really comfy and fun! Normally I balk at how expensive movies have become but these seats are like being at home.img_2816

Saturday brought a new adventure for Ani and Music Man. Music Man is a long-time fan of racing remote controlled cars…he has several different ones and while it’s not my thing, Ani has expressed interest more and more, so Saturday Music Man sat her down and went over some basics and then took her with him to the track.


Saturday night they got home and Ani was so happy! Racing is good for her since she has to focus, plus she isn’t just racing-she also has to learn how the cars work and maintain/repair them. I’m all for anything that teaches kids skills while having fun. And I’m glad Music Man has a buddy-I’ve tagged along a couple times but it’s not my thing.


Sunday we had a busy day of organizing things, pulling things out of storage and generally continuing with our spring cleaning, plus Music Man made this yummy version of chicken parmesan and I tried a new recipe for dessert-we have several events coming up that I’ve been asked to make baked goods for, so I’m trying some new recipes out on the family. We also had some quality snuggle time with Rufus the guinea pig-this little guy loves to snuggle! He ate some lettuce while in my lap and also tucked himself in my hoodie this morning.


The more we handle him the more he gets used to us and tamer. Felix the hamster is the same way, but it’s a lot slower with hamsters I’ve learned. We also moved both cages more into the family area of the house so they are getting use to the sounds and smells of all of us.


Finally a music joke I sent Bits and showed Music Man. Being musicians with lots going on next month (between the two of them we have EIGHT shows in the month of March alone, so they both are knee-deep in practicing and prepping), they both laughed.

This week is actually a tamer one-next week is nutso compared to this one. So I’m hoping to get a lot done with housework and a crochet project I’m working on. Hope everyone has a great week!

A Pig for a Hamster

So remember when I said we got a hamster on Saturday? His name is Felix, he’s a robo dwarf hamster and he bit me twice. But still, I persisted with handling him and letting him play in his hamster ball that he loved.

Tuesday morning Felix was in his ball before school, when I looked down and suddenly Felix wasn’t in his ball, he was outside it. He’d somehow gotten the ball open and was loose. Next thing I know, in a flash, he was under the couch-and then gone. I called Music Man in tears…I had lost his pet! Later that night when he got home and the kids were at their dad’s, we hopped in the car to go buy a new hamster because my guilt only increased over the day.

And came home with a guinea pig instead. After talking to the experts we realized guinea pigs are easier, better for kids, and more importantly, BIGGER and therefore easier to find if they get loose (although they don’t escape like hamsters).

Rufus Xavier is brown with a white stripe and red eyes and super sweet. He cuddles, he purrs, he squeaks if you stop petting him because he just wants to be loved. Of course, a guinea pig meant a new cage, new food, new bedding…everything. We waited to tell the kids because I didn’t want them heartbroken, but last night Bits had a concert and the girls cornered me for an update on Felix so I confessed he was still missing and told them about Rufus.

Later that night I was walking down the hall when I saw a white flash dart into the bathroom and called for Music Man. Luckily that door is tight so we were able to shut him up and corner him. We found he’d made a nest out of toilet paper he’d shredded. After I caught him we put him back in his cage and he happily spun on his wheel and ate something and reminded us how adorable he can be.

This morning I fed both Rufus and Felix, texted the girls Felix was home (I mean, he technically never left home, just his cage), added fresh foods for the rodents onto the shopping list, and I resigned myself that we really live in a zoo. A zoo that has two new exhibits…a hamster and a guinea pig.

And in case anyone is wondering or happens to talk to my kids-no, we are not getting a puppy. Or a kitten. Or a baby. Because the zoo is full.

Weekend Recap-Just Do What Makes You Happy

weekend recap-grits online

This weekend was filled with more spring-cleaning, new family members, racing, good food, and silliness.


Friday afternoon Bubba set the tone for the weekend by playing the maracas…with his mouth! This boy keeps me on my toes with new ways to get into things! He loves playing music and singing, but this was a new one.


This quote came across my social media feeds this week and it is so true. Bubba will start dancing and singing even if there is no music playing. He creates his own fun, and that’s a great message to live by.

Saturday morning Music Man and I dropped off the dry-cleaning and went to the post office and all those boring chores adults have to do on Saturday because we are busy working during the week. While at the strip mall, we decided to visit our local pet store and Music Man ended up getting a new baby:


Meet Felix Mendelssohn, an adorable hamster! We picked him, a cage and a ball up and brought it home and the girls promptly fell in love. Bubba is okay with Felix, or “baby Ham!” as he calls him when Felix is in his cage. Outside of it, Bubba is a little shy. But since Felix lives in his cage with Music Man, that’s okay.


Saturday Bubba also decided to have a nap-strike and during a tantrum when I put him back in bed for the fifth time, he banged his face on his bed frame and is now sporting a black eye. It looks worse than it feels but still…ouch!


After he hurt himself we were cuddling and I finally got him to fall asleep in my lap. I still had a million things to do (Music Man had left by then), my office and bedroom were torn apart during my spring cleaning/rearranging binge from that morning, but I decided to stop and just take a couple of hours to hold my baby boy-who is rapidly growing up and no longer a baby. I may have dozed off myself! Probably needed it though.


Sunday we went to church, and Music Man came too. It wasn’t his first time in our church, but it was his first time attending a Sunday morning service (he has played concerts there several times). Then we went to lunch and to pick up some yarn for a new project I was commissioned to make last week (yay!) and some dress shirts for Music Man, since he had dropped all his off at the cleaners the day before and realized he didn’t have any wear to work the next few days (oops!). We then went to the grocery store for dinner supplies and Music Man made this amazing “Chicken Pot Pie” which was more like a stew with lots of yummy veggies and chicken and instead of a pie crust, potatoes and crostinis.

We gathered as a family to watch the Daytona 500 and after the kids were in bed Music Man and I played with Felix some more. We put him in his hamster ball and he rolled around the living room before stopping to watch the movie with us. Which cracked us up, because how many hamsters watch television?

This week is another busy one-today I have a doctor’s appointment so I’m grateful the girls are home from school for President’s Day so I don’t have to drag Bubba along. Yay for big sisters old enough to babysit! Then it’s Ani’s guitar lessons, dinner-which Music Man already made up yesterday and left for us to pop in the oven and prep for the week. Bits has two big events this week at school, including a competition and concert, and I also have some work conferences and a class I’m taking this week. I need to write a post about my social media managing because that has really started taken off lately and I’m grateful to have a career that allows me to stay home with my kids and be there for them when they need me. Being a parent is hard, being a single parent is even harder…so to add working eight to ten hours five days a week outside the house would just add to the stress. I know plenty of single parents who do just that…but I’m grateful I get to work from home (and my car, and waiting rooms, and coffee shops and grocery stores…).

Week-long Recap

I didn’t do a weekend recap on Monday because as I explained on my Instagram Stories, I had a crappy weekend. Well, one half was crappy, one half was recovering from crappy. Emotional stress plus some physical stress plus my depression and anxiety all combined for a perfect storm of crap. Luckily I survived almost unscathed and I went to bed Sunday night grateful for my man and my babies who suffered alongside me, and still love me despite it all.

I thought instead I’d do a week-long recap.

Monday The Ex came over and took Bubba for the whole day…because he was off work and I had work to do. I spent six hours editing photographs from two jobs I had last week, and finally jumped in the shower right before the girls got home. Then it was homework, rush out the door and grabbed dinner on the way to Ani’s guitar lesson. She is in her third week of private guitar lessons and loving it. She loves her instructor, she loves her guitar, she loves everything about it. Apparently she wrote a song of sorts and loves having the knowledge to put notes together to make her own music. I’m thrilled she has finally found an instrument she loves (she’s also tried trombone and keyboard).

Tuesday it was back to my boy and I and we had a good day just getting stuff done around the house. I wasn’t feeling 100% (thank you Mother Nature) but he was great about playing on his own and letting me get a pass.

Wednesday was my one kid-free day, so I ran errands and met Music Man for lunch. It was also Valentine’s Day and we celebrated by a sweet evening planned by my love. Roses, silly and sweet cards, an amazing sushi dinner (Music Man is the only one I know who loves sushi like I do so we enjoy sharing rolls and each choosing things to share), dessert via Dairy Queen and then home where it became apparent I was done for the night. Cramps, headache, generally feeling yucky….how lovely it is to be a woman (not!). My sweet valentine simply handed me my favorite pajama pants, grabbed my electric blanket and cuddled with me on the couch. No pressure, no comment about not having any romantic time…he just gets it you know? I told him the next day you could tell he grew up with sisters, a mom and aunts. Because sometimes he just gets the female thing.

Thursday was catch-up day and I also went through my entire closet and under my bed and got rid of clothes, shoes and bags. It’s part of my semi-annual house purge and my van was already filled with bags from the kids closets and some old games they don’t play anymore.

That brings us to today, which meant spending the morning having breakfast with Music Man, going to Walmart for groceries (and shoes for Ani and clothes for Bits and windshield wipers for Music Man…thankful for one-stop shops like that!), and home where Bubba decided to take a nap strike. Instead we cuddled and now I’m making dinner-roast chicken, smashed rosemary-garlic potatoes, roasted carrots, and beer bread. I’ve never tried the beer bread before but it sounded yummy. And since it’s been raining all day, it’s a good Friday-night in meal that will mean lots of leftovers to munch tomorrow so I don’t have to cook (yay!).

This weekend we have plans for boring adult stuff like more spring cleaning and shopping for a new mattress. I know exciting life I lead, right? I’m sure we will also be watching parts of the Daytona 500, because both my boys-Music Man and Bubba-are HUGE racing fans. Other than music it’s all they talk about! Guess I’m going to learn huh?

Hope everyone has a warm, dry and fun weekend!

Why I Pulled My Son Out of Daycare…

I mentioned the other day that Bubba is now home with me all day. Last summer we signed him up for full-time daycare, and while he thrived in the lovely daycare center run by an amazing family that was located on a farm, his dad and I decided to keep him home for the time being.

I’m not gonna lie-money was a factor. Daycare or even a part-time preschool program is expensive and since I work from home there was a part of me that kept thinking of how I could save that money. It would require some adjustments on my part, but nothing major.

Another part of it was the time I wasn’t getting with my only boy. Most days I’d pick him up from daycare, come home and get dinner ready, then it was bath and bedtime. Weekends weren’t much better as we are always on the go. By the time Sunday night rolled around, Bubba was clinging to me, not wanted to go to bed, knowing the next day was Monday and it was back to daycare.

I admit I had similar feelings. A couple of times Bubba had to stay home due to not feeling well or appointments and I loved having my buddy with me. Especially when the girls were in school and we got some quality one-on-one time. I loved having my buddy along with me while I ran errands or even stayed home and worked and did housework.

A third reason is there are several things he wasn’t learning at daycare that I want him to learn now. One of them is music. Bubba has a natural ability for music and loves to sing and can even pound out simple rhythms on a drum or tambourine. I’m in the process of signing him up for formal classes/lessons (thankfully Music Man runs a music school!), but in the meantime I have enough basic knowledge to get him started. Years of being in singing groups myself, plus having the older girls be in pageants and concerts has given me plenty of knowledge on early childhood basic music skills. There are a couple of other things as well, such as potty-training (he’s rapidly getting ready, which is earlier than his sisters were) and some other things I want to focus on with him.

I loved the daycare we found based on a recommendation of a friend. He had a couple of boys right around his age and several other kids who he loved seeing everyday, and he grew attached to the adults as well. And they loved him equally back. At the time Bubba started daycare he was surrounded by older kids and adults so he thought he was an older kid. Spending seven months in daycare with kids his own age taught him how to be a toddler, and that was a good thing.

So between the money, the things he wasn’t learning at daycare, and the time I was missing out on with my boy…we decided to keep him home, at least for now. We’ve spent the last couple days getting into a new routine. He helped me make dinner yesterday, we’ve run errands and picked up the girls from activities, and had lots of snuggles.

There will be times I cannot be with him-but luckily the Ex has days off during the week and between myself, him, two sisters that are both old enough to babysit, his godparents and even Music Man, we are covered. Which is also a good thing because as much I love my time with Bubba, I’m not naive to realize I will also need a break now and then.

But in the meantime I will cherish these moments with my rapidly-growing little boy and remind myself it won’t be too long before he’s off to school and my house is quiet again. Not sure I’m ready for that…(sniff). I miss my babies!