Snow+Kids=Cuteness Overload

Over the weekend we had our first snow of the season, and I took advantage of it and the large pine trees in the front of our yard to snap some pics of the kiddos…cause snow plus cute kids equals all sorts of fuzzy feels. I will admit these took all of ten minutes to take because A) it was cold B) it started raining C) none of us mind the look of snow…just not a huge fan of it in reality. Ana was the only one who wanted to be outside for any length of time, and she dragged Bubba and Bits with her a couple of times before my two gingers retreated to the warmth of the living room. The rest of the weekend was spent making homemade pop-tarts with Music Man (who experienced his first Delaware winter storm…quite the education for a boy from Long Island), watching Christmas movies and drinking Mama’s homemade hot cocoa…a tradition round these parts. Let it not be said we don’t know how to get snowed in around here!

At this point however, I’m gonna stop talking and simply let my kids take over cause darn it-they are darling, aren’t they? Or as Music Man would say “aww, adorable!” (and who can’t love a grown man who admits when this world is adorable?).


PS-I’m not doing Christmas cards this year so pretend that this is one, cause if I was, these would be the images I would use. Totally adorable!


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