That’s the word for the weekend. And a reminder that if you say to yourself “gee I wish I had more time to catch up on my DVR and finish my book”, God will give you that time…in the form of a fever that comes on so quickly you have to leave church early on Thursday night and by 3:00 Friday morning are so ill you can’t pick your son up from his crib cause you ache so bad. 

Long story short: I have a fever, aches, and sore throat. After being unable to get the fever to break for almost 24 hours I made Auntie drag me to the ER only to be told “Well it’s not flu but you are sick”.

Gee thank doc, I could have told you that. In the meantime everything I had planned for this holiday weekend was canceled, including church and church activities the kids were looking forward to as much as me. All I can say is, ugh. 

In the meantime I’ve only enough energy to catch up on about half the DVR, I’m getting sick of pushing fluids and taking meds to keep the fever down that is also tearing up my stomach and I’m so tempted to persue that back surgery I was suppose to have two years ago (but instead ended up pregnant). 

The only good news to come out of the weekend is the one website I write for published two of my articles recently and they are getting pretty good views so yay me! 

And if you need me I’ll be over here slowly dying while parenting from my bed or couch while moaning over and over “ugh”.


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