Life, As It Happens

Wow…best laid plans and all. I had every intention of posting three different things last week…and not one post got done. What can I say except life interfered?

Auntie is sick, the kids were out of school Friday, and a part-time job I recently started quickly became more than what I was told with little support. Or communication. I hate giving up on anything, but the reality is I had to weigh the income versus the outcome (not just in dollars, though it did cost me some $$$, but also time and energy). And when I did, it was clear I couldn’t do it and still do everything else. So I had to resign. I was sick over it until I realized that my time was now clear for other opportunities and some of them have already happened!

Today being the Monday before a full moon, I was already ready to pull my hair out before 8:00 am. The girls weren’t listening, Tommy woke up being fussy, the house is a mess, we were out of cereal, bread and everything they wanted to eat for breakfast, and generally, I felt like I was behind before I even got my day started. I know these days happen, and it’s not a bad thing for the kids to see Mom get frustrated from time to time because it happens. We all get frustrated and overwhelmed from time to time. Unfortunately, they left for school before they saw me stop, take a breath and refocus.b3de588da03f26491c1de11367b48b26

Which is what I did. I got Tommy some breakfast (in his case fruit and crackers, score one for toddlers and their “snack all day” attitudes!), threw some laundry in the wash, and took a shower. That shower ten minutes, max is all it took for me to calm down, refocus and have a calmer outlook.

And when nothing went according to my eternal schedule it helped to remember that as long as it gets done, it’s okay.  The rest of the day and evening are already bookmarked with a soccer game, shopping for the missing breakfast items, dinner and a webinar that happens to take place at the same time bedtime starts! Luckily Lis is old enough to handle her baby brother with minimal help.


But that is a mom’s life. We get it done. Day after day, we find a way to get it done no matter what else happens. Even if it means we sometimes have to get overwhelmed and use it as the excuse for a peaceful ten-minute shower!



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