Did I have the most amazing post to share with y’all! It was a delicious recipe for roast beef that I managed to use to make two meals that all of my family-each of them picky in their own way-gobbled up. It was totally going to be a #mommybrag moment. 

Until…Tommy was up and down all night long as high winds and rain came through. Whoever said the last child sleeps the best…lied. This kid is my lightest sleeper. He wakes up at anything, sometimes nothing. He’s also a wanna-be power napped which means if he sleeps for ten minutes he thinks he’s fine. He’s not…but he likes to think that. But him being up and down meant Mama was up and down. 

Which led to a grumpy, clingy morning while I tried to get some stuff done. Just when I had him settled for his nap and was literally typing up this amazing post, my phone rang. It was the school. Never a good sign. Uh-oh, I thought. 

Sure enough Ani was sick. Like got-sick-in-the-hall sick. Poor gal, she was so embarrassed. That meant I had to wake a sleeping toddler (a huge taboo, I know), throw a cap over my unwashed, I combed Mom ponytail and drive over to the school in my sweats. It’s moments like this I’m ever so grateful my kids go to schools where they don’t judge you based on looks. Cause I know I looked a sight. Picked up my ailing girl, made it home with only one minor incident, and headed inside to clean her up and try and get Tommy down for his nap. But he’s already slept his ten minutes so that was no go. 

The rest of day has been a mess of a hungry, bored tween, a grumpy teething toddler, Auntie and I trying to coordinate pickups for the rest of the week as Lis has soccer games or practices everyday, me on the phone with the cell phone company, me on the phone with the cable company, me on the phone with the phone company dealing with service/billing issues/tech calls. 

In between I’ve also tried to get laundry put away, trash gathered for the curb, sign homework papers and figure out dinner. 

Basically my #mommybrag? It’s more like a #mommystruggle. I know we all have days like this and I know bedtime is coming soon, but in the middle of the chaos it’s hard to remember these things. At one point I was simply counting each breath I took as I watch my house get slowly destroyed in front of me. Then I left Ani and Tommy with Auntie, snuck out of my house and did this:

This is me, sitting in my mommy-van (what my kids call my minivan, can’t imagine why!), eating a chocolate bar I found in my purse (score!), waiting a full fifteen minutes early to pick Lis up from her game. Please note the still unwashed hair, and lack of makeup. Not seen: the saying on my shirt:

“God bless this hot mess!”

At that point I felt like one! I ended up only eating half the chocolate, but just taking that fifteen minutes allowed me time and space I needed to go home and face the rest of the evening. 

I didn’t cook dinner-kids wanted quesadillas and I was okay with that! I didn’t put the laundry away. I didn’t do anything else on my to-do list. I did disassemble the car seat and wipe it out, throw the cover in the wash but that was about as productive as I got the rest of the evening. Instead of catching up on work I ended up taking a bath and relaxing in my chair while watching crap reality tv. 

The laundry and to-do list will still be there, but instead of stressing about it, I decided to relish in my #mommyfail. And I went to bed early completely happy I had. 

So no #mommybrag…except to say we all need to embrace the #mommyfail once in a while and know that tomorrow is a new day, and in my case a kid-free day as it’s their day with Daddy. Which means my to-do list and laundry and chores and work stuff? Will be that much easier and go by faster. 

So embrace the failure moms, know you aren’t alone and sometimes the best mommy brag we can do is admit our mommy fails!


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