Hi, I’m Jennifer…a born and bred Southern gal who’s lived all over, and yet retained my Deep South ways. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, I now live in Southern Delaware, which is about as close to the south you can get and still be in the North! I love where we live, as it reminds me of home.

Currently, I’m raising my three children as a single mama, working as a freelancer in a million different ways, and living life day to day. My kids are unique and keep me busy, and I love each and every moment I get with them and the other people in my life.

What I don’t love is reading a blog and not knowing who is who, so for your reference…

Bits-My oldest, fifteen, high-functioning autistic who is also the highest height person in the house currently (and now answers to “tall person” when her short mama needs something off the top shelf). Bits play clarinet in her high school band, is also enrolled in the community college because honors high school courses aren’t challenging enough, and has taught me more about acceptance and love than I ever thought possible. God gave me the perfect child to be my oldest, and her forgiveness of my using her as a learning curve makes me love her even more.

Ana-Typical middle child, outgoing, loves life and about fifteen different things all at the same time. Does well in school but her true passion lies in simply finding enjoyment in life and making people smile. Wicked sense of humor, and an awesome belly laugh she was born with. Currently in the throes of “tweendom”, almost twelve and reminding me daily why puberty is so hard. Empathetic is ways I will never understand and prone to simply come up and give me a hug for no reason, other than she just senses I need one. It’s a rare gift to have…and reminds me daily why I call her my angel.

Bubba-My surprise baby, turned two and still thinks he’s twenty. The lone male in a house of women, he also is the pickiest dresser, insists on color-coding his books, loves all things with wheels and finding new ways to pick on his sisters. As he starts to become more fluent also has learned early on how to speak up…and does so regularly. More musically gifted than the rest of us combined (which is saying something as the girls and I can hold our own when it comes to music), he has red hair and the temper to match. He also is a flirt, and charms his way into the hearts of every one he meets, especially the ladies. I’ve lost count at the number of grown women who’ve admitted their heart belongs to my boy…and decided I need to invent the male chastity belt ASAP lest my baby boy runs off and abandons his mama. Which he never will, as I know his heart belongs to me first and always.

Other people mentioned include The Ex-my ex-husband and the kids’ father. We strive and struggle to co-parent, which is normal I think for anyone; Auntie is my best friend who was living with us briefly, and even though there is no biological familial ties, our bond as soul sisters is too great at this point to be anything but. Music Man is the new addition, my current boyfriend and proof you can find the love of your life if you just get out of your own head…and yes he is a musician, classically-trained and currently using his gifts to teach/warp the minds of the next generation. He’s also a Yankee, but we’ve decided to forgive him of that fact since he’s also a true gentleman who understands the importance of coffee and a good recipe for biscuits and gravy.

This site is dedicated to sharing our lives, recipes, projects and anything else I feel the need to bore y’all with. Oh, and the word y’all. There needs to be more y’all in the world…y’all agree?