Weekend Recap-A Quiet One

This past week and weekend were relatively quiet ones in our house, which is a good thing because starting today we are running non-stop. I swear we have at least one thing (and sometimes more than one thing!) every single day this month. The couple days we don’t have anything scheduled, I actually have scheduled downtime-since it will be few and far between.

Saturday we did our usual chores and laundry. I also did a bunch of baking for some events we have this week and later on this month. Saturday I made brownie bites, and three types of cookies. Music Man had brought home a container of these dunkers from Trader Joe’s last week-basically chocolate chip cookies with chocolate on the bottom. I’m not normally a crunchy cookie fan-but these were super yummy and perfect for dunking in your coffee. So I decided to see if I could recreate them with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. And I did!

I admit-I prefer making things from scratch whenever possible since that means the ingredients are just the basics-flour, meat, veggies, etc. and not all the chemicals and preservatives. We don’t eat 100% natural and organic, and I admit my kids eat drive-thru more often than I’d like, but…I do try. Everything in moderation, as they say.

Sunday I woke up with a raging migraine, thanks to the ever-changing weather (it literally was 65 and raining one day, and 32 and snowing the next day last week!), so we skipped church so I could go back to bed. Later on, I felt marginally better thanks to pain pills and rest, so Music Man and I headed out to our pre-planned date-afternoon. A local restaurant was offering an all-you-can-eat Japanese and sushi buffet, so we took advantage of it and went. It was yummy, but we definitely ate too much! I didn’t even eat a lot-I just took a small portion of everything to try it all looked so good (and tasted good!). On the way home we picked up supplies for homemade pizzas for dinner-but I admit the kids ate more than Music Man and I. I basically ate about half a slice before realizing my stomach was still too full!

Music Man and I both are realizing that with everyone being so busy during the week, and spending Saturdays playing catch-up on chores, work, and homework, that having Sundays just to relax and spend time together is crucial. We had fun as a family making the pizzas and then watching a movie until bedtime. It’s also a good way to reset before Monday comes.

This week kicks off our busy month though-Music Man has four (!) concerts this week, Bits has lots of extra rehearsals for her school’s musical in two weeks (and she has a couple of solos so she is stressing and doing extra work), Music Man has a couple more events, plus the usual lessons for Ani, regular school things, and normal everyday stuff. So I’m relishing the moments-like this past weekend where we can all just relax and be together without having to be somewhere. Not that I don’t love our life, but it’s nice to just relax too!

Happy Monday!



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