Weekend Recap-Rainy Foggy Days

This weekend had one theme-fog. And rain. It started on Friday and continues into today, Monday complete with a fog delay for the girls. Other than that the weekend was busy but filled with fun!img_2803

Friday started out with Bubba and I heading into Music Man’s office, where I helped him move him desk and hang some pictures and basically organize things. You’d think after eight months in the job he’d already have that stuff done but right after he started they moved into a new building and they needed to paint so it’s actually only been ready to have him arrange things and hang things up for a couple of weeks. And since Music Man is admittedly not a great organizer he welcomed my help, and Bubba’s. Well…actually it was more like I did the work while he played with Bubba and answered emails and did his actual job. At one point I ran to Wal-mart for supplies and also picked up one of those play rugs that has roads on it for toy cars. Music Man and Bubba both got excited about that rug-I think Music Man was disappointed I didn’t leave it there for him to play on, lol! On the way home Bubba conked out while eating his lunch. And he actually stayed asleep when I moved him into the house once we got home-something that has never happened before in his life! Boy usually wakes up and stays awake!

Friday night was date night for Music Man and I. We tried out a new restaurant because a great music duo I love was playing there-but the food was good too! We got a bunch of appetizers to share and had fun trying different things. We got pear flatbread, venison and goat cheese, pork belly and a cheese and meat tray. Music Man and I both are die-hard foodies so we love to try new things.


After dinner we played mini-golf and skeeball to kill time before going to see a movie. We saw Black Panther in 3-D and it was really good! This theater has reclining seats which is really comfy and fun! Normally I balk at how expensive movies have become but these seats are like being at home.img_2816

Saturday brought a new adventure for Ani and Music Man. Music Man is a long-time fan of racing remote controlled cars…he has several different ones and while it’s not my thing, Ani has expressed interest more and more, so Saturday Music Man sat her down and went over some basics and then took her with him to the track.


Saturday night they got home and Ani was so happy! Racing is good for her since she has to focus, plus she isn’t just racing-she also has to learn how the cars work and maintain/repair them. I’m all for anything that teaches kids skills while having fun. And I’m glad Music Man has a buddy-I’ve tagged along a couple times but it’s not my thing.


Sunday we had a busy day of organizing things, pulling things out of storage and generally continuing with our spring cleaning, plus Music Man made this yummy version of chicken parmesan and I tried a new recipe for dessert-we have several events coming up that I’ve been asked to make baked goods for, so I’m trying some new recipes out on the family. We also had some quality snuggle time with Rufus the guinea pig-this little guy loves to snuggle! He ate some lettuce while in my lap and also tucked himself in my hoodie this morning.


The more we handle him the more he gets used to us and tamer. Felix the hamster is the same way, but it’s a lot slower with hamsters I’ve learned. We also moved both cages more into the family area of the house so they are getting use to the sounds and smells of all of us.


Finally a music joke I sent Bits and showed Music Man. Being musicians with lots going on next month (between the two of them we have EIGHT shows in the month of March alone, so they both are knee-deep in practicing and prepping), they both laughed.

This week is actually a tamer one-next week is nutso compared to this one. So I’m hoping to get a lot done with housework and a crochet project I’m working on. Hope everyone has a great week!


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