A Pig for a Hamster

So remember when I said we got a hamster on Saturday? His name is Felix, he’s a robo dwarf hamster and he bit me twice. But still, I persisted with handling him and letting him play in his hamster ball that he loved.

Tuesday morning Felix was in his ball before school, when I looked down and suddenly Felix wasn’t in his ball, he was outside it. He’d somehow gotten the ball open and was loose. Next thing I know, in a flash, he was under the couch-and then gone. I called Music Man in tears…I had lost his pet! Later that night when he got home and the kids were at their dad’s, we hopped in the car to go buy a new hamster because my guilt only increased over the day.

And came home with a guinea pig instead. After talking to the experts we realized guinea pigs are easier, better for kids, and more importantly, BIGGER and therefore easier to find if they get loose (although they don’t escape like hamsters).

Rufus Xavier is brown with a white stripe and red eyes and super sweet. He cuddles, he purrs, he squeaks if you stop petting him because he just wants to be loved. Of course, a guinea pig meant a new cage, new food, new bedding…everything. We waited to tell the kids because I didn’t want them heartbroken, but last night Bits had a concert and the girls cornered me for an update on Felix so I confessed he was still missing and told them about Rufus.

Later that night I was walking down the hall when I saw a white flash dart into the bathroom and called for Music Man. Luckily that door is tight so we were able to shut him up and corner him. We found he’d made a nest out of toilet paper he’d shredded. After I caught him we put him back in his cage and he happily spun on his wheel and ate something and reminded us how adorable he can be.

This morning I fed both Rufus and Felix, texted the girls Felix was home (I mean, he technically never left home, just his cage), added fresh foods for the rodents onto the shopping list, and I resigned myself that we really live in a zoo. A zoo that has two new exhibits…a hamster and a guinea pig.

And in case anyone is wondering or happens to talk to my kids-no, we are not getting a puppy. Or a kitten. Or a baby. Because the zoo is full.


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