Weekend Recap-Just Do What Makes You Happy

weekend recap-grits online

This weekend was filled with more spring-cleaning, new family members, racing, good food, and silliness.


Friday afternoon Bubba set the tone for the weekend by playing the maracas…with his mouth! This boy keeps me on my toes with new ways to get into things! He loves playing music and singing, but this was a new one.


This quote came across my social media feeds this week and it is so true. Bubba will start dancing and singing even if there is no music playing. He creates his own fun, and that’s a great message to live by.

Saturday morning Music Man and I dropped off the dry-cleaning and went to the post office and all those boring chores adults have to do on Saturday because we are busy working during the week. While at the strip mall, we decided to visit our local pet store and Music Man ended up getting a new baby:


Meet Felix Mendelssohn, an adorable hamster! We picked him, a cage and a ball up and brought it home and the girls promptly fell in love. Bubba is okay with Felix, or “baby Ham!” as he calls him when Felix is in his cage. Outside of it, Bubba is a little shy. But since Felix lives in his cage with Music Man, that’s okay.


Saturday Bubba also decided to have a nap-strike and during a tantrum when I put him back in bed for the fifth time, he banged his face on his bed frame and is now sporting a black eye. It looks worse than it feels but still…ouch!


After he hurt himself we were cuddling and I finally got him to fall asleep in my lap. I still had a million things to do (Music Man had left by then), my office and bedroom were torn apart during my spring cleaning/rearranging binge from that morning, but I decided to stop and just take a couple of hours to hold my baby boy-who is rapidly growing up and no longer a baby. I may have dozed off myself! Probably needed it though.


Sunday we went to church, and Music Man came too. It wasn’t his first time in our church, but it was his first time attending a Sunday morning service (he has played concerts there several times). Then we went to lunch and to pick up some yarn for a new project I was commissioned to make last week (yay!) and some dress shirts for Music Man, since he had dropped all his off at the cleaners the day before and realized he didn’t have any wear to work the next few days (oops!). We then went to the grocery store for dinner supplies and Music Man made this amazing “Chicken Pot Pie” which was more like a stew with lots of yummy veggies and chicken and instead of a pie crust, potatoes and crostinis.

We gathered as a family to watch the Daytona 500 and after the kids were in bed Music Man and I played with Felix some more. We put him in his hamster ball and he rolled around the living room before stopping to watch the movie with us. Which cracked us up, because how many hamsters watch television?

This week is another busy one-today I have a doctor’s appointment so I’m grateful the girls are home from school for President’s Day so I don’t have to drag Bubba along. Yay for big sisters old enough to babysit! Then it’s Ani’s guitar lessons, dinner-which Music Man already made up yesterday and left for us to pop in the oven and prep for the week. Bits has two big events this week at school, including a competition and concert, and I also have some work conferences and a class I’m taking this week. I need to write a post about my social media managing because that has really started taken off lately and I’m grateful to have a career that allows me to stay home with my kids and be there for them when they need me. Being a parent is hard, being a single parent is even harder…so to add working eight to ten hours five days a week outside the house would just add to the stress. I know plenty of single parents who do just that…but I’m grateful I get to work from home (and my car, and waiting rooms, and coffee shops and grocery stores…).


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