Week-long Recap

I didn’t do a weekend recap on Monday because as I explained on my Instagram Stories, I had a crappy weekend. Well, one half was crappy, one half was recovering from crappy. Emotional stress plus some physical stress plus my depression and anxiety all combined for a perfect storm of crap. Luckily I survived almost unscathed and I went to bed Sunday night grateful for my man and my babies who suffered alongside me, and still love me despite it all.

I thought instead I’d do a week-long recap.

Monday The Ex came over and took Bubba for the whole day…because he was off work and I had work to do. I spent six hours editing photographs from two jobs I had last week, and finally jumped in the shower right before the girls got home. Then it was homework, rush out the door and grabbed dinner on the way to Ani’s guitar lesson. She is in her third week of private guitar lessons and loving it. She loves her instructor, she loves her guitar, she loves everything about it. Apparently she wrote a song of sorts and loves having the knowledge to put notes together to make her own music. I’m thrilled she has finally found an instrument she loves (she’s also tried trombone and keyboard).

Tuesday it was back to my boy and I and we had a good day just getting stuff done around the house. I wasn’t feeling 100% (thank you Mother Nature) but he was great about playing on his own and letting me get a pass.

Wednesday was my one kid-free day, so I ran errands and met Music Man for lunch. It was also Valentine’s Day and we celebrated by a sweet evening planned by my love. Roses, silly and sweet cards, an amazing sushi dinner (Music Man is the only one I know who loves sushi like I do so we enjoy sharing rolls and each choosing things to share), dessert via Dairy Queen and then home where it became apparent I was done for the night. Cramps, headache, generally feeling yucky….how lovely it is to be a woman (not!). My sweet valentine simply handed me my favorite pajama pants, grabbed my electric blanket and cuddled with me on the couch. No pressure, no comment about not having any romantic time…he just gets it you know? I told him the next day you could tell he grew up with sisters, a mom and aunts. Because sometimes he just gets the female thing.

Thursday was catch-up day and I also went through my entire closet and under my bed and got rid of clothes, shoes and bags. It’s part of my semi-annual house purge and my van was already filled with bags from the kids closets and some old games they don’t play anymore.

That brings us to today, which meant spending the morning having breakfast with Music Man, going to Walmart for groceries (and shoes for Ani and clothes for Bits and windshield wipers for Music Man…thankful for one-stop shops like that!), and home where Bubba decided to take a nap strike. Instead we cuddled and now I’m making dinner-roast chicken, smashed rosemary-garlic potatoes, roasted carrots, and beer bread. I’ve never tried the beer bread before but it sounded yummy. And since it’s been raining all day, it’s a good Friday-night in meal that will mean lots of leftovers to munch tomorrow so I don’t have to cook (yay!).

This weekend we have plans for boring adult stuff like more spring cleaning and shopping for a new mattress. I know exciting life I lead, right? I’m sure we will also be watching parts of the Daytona 500, because both my boys-Music Man and Bubba-are HUGE racing fans. Other than music it’s all they talk about! Guess I’m going to learn huh?

Hope everyone has a warm, dry and fun weekend!


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