Why I Pulled My Son Out of Daycare…

I mentioned the other day that Bubba is now home with me all day. Last summer we signed him up for full-time daycare, and while he thrived in the lovely daycare center run by an amazing family that was located on a farm, his dad and I decided to keep him home for the time being.

I’m not gonna lie-money was a factor. Daycare or even a part-time preschool program is expensive and since I work from home there was a part of me that kept thinking of how I could save that money. It would require some adjustments on my part, but nothing major.

Another part of it was the time I wasn’t getting with my only boy. Most days I’d pick him up from daycare, come home and get dinner ready, then it was bath and bedtime. Weekends weren’t much better as we are always on the go. By the time Sunday night rolled around, Bubba was clinging to me, not wanted to go to bed, knowing the next day was Monday and it was back to daycare.

I admit I had similar feelings. A couple of times Bubba had to stay home due to not feeling well or appointments and I loved having my buddy with me. Especially when the girls were in school and we got some quality one-on-one time. I loved having my buddy along with me while I ran errands or even stayed home and worked and did housework.

A third reason is there are several things he wasn’t learning at daycare that I want him to learn now. One of them is music. Bubba has a natural ability for music and loves to sing and can even pound out simple rhythms on a drum or tambourine. I’m in the process of signing him up for formal classes/lessons (thankfully Music Man runs a music school!), but in the meantime I have enough basic knowledge to get him started. Years of being in singing groups myself, plus having the older girls be in pageants and concerts has given me plenty of knowledge on early childhood basic music skills. There are a couple of other things as well, such as potty-training (he’s rapidly getting ready, which is earlier than his sisters were) and some other things I want to focus on with him.

I loved the daycare we found based on a recommendation of a friend. He had a couple of boys right around his age and several other kids who he loved seeing everyday, and he grew attached to the adults as well. And they loved him equally back. At the time Bubba started daycare he was surrounded by older kids and adults so he thought he was an older kid. Spending seven months in daycare with kids his own age taught him how to be a toddler, and that was a good thing.

So between the money, the things he wasn’t learning at daycare, and the time I was missing out on with my boy…we decided to keep him home, at least for now. We’ve spent the last couple days getting into a new routine. He helped me make dinner yesterday, we’ve run errands and picked up the girls from activities, and had lots of snuggles.

There will be times I cannot be with him-but luckily the Ex has days off during the week and between myself, him, two sisters that are both old enough to babysit, his godparents and even Music Man, we are covered. Which is also a good thing because as much I love my time with Bubba, I’m not naive to realize I will also need a break now and then.

But in the meantime I will cherish these moments with my rapidly-growing little boy and remind myself it won’t be too long before he’s off to school and my house is quiet again. Not sure I’m ready for that…(sniff). I miss my babies!


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