Weekend Away

We had a nice weekend away, Music Man and I. The kiddos went with their dad and MM and I used the excuse of him having a solo concert as an excuse to escape town. We didn’t go far, just far enough to have an excuse to ignore the real world for a couple of days.


We started the weekend with Music Man giving a solo performance. If you know anything about classical music and/or the violin, you know there aren’t that many pieces written *just* for the violin, but he picked several good pieces that were engaging, interesting and managed to show how they all were linked together. He even managed to educate the crowd as well, which makes sense given he isn’t just a performer, he’s also a teacher. One of the students at his school even came by with her dad, and got to brag as being the only one in the crowd who knew who one of the composers was! I got the distinction of knowing what one of the pieces was, but Music Man said it didn’t count since I’d heard him practice that same piece (and complain about it) daily. I think it counts!img_2588

A rare shot of the two of us, all dressed up for the show. We clean up pretty good don’t we? Forget the bad lighting…at least I remembered to take a shot of us! I’m horrible about taking photos with me in them. Normally I stay behind the lense (photographer issues)!


Saturday we woke up late, had a nice brunch at a local family restaurant, and then went to the mall to walk around and found a Game Zone. We played a couple of games against each other, in which Music Man beat me at both. What can I say? I’m not a good racer or attacker of zombies. Oh well…


Later on, after we went back to the hotel for a nap-and someone tell me why when we are kids we think naps are bad? Now as an adult I love it when I get the chance to snooze, especially since I never sleep well my first night in a hotel. I loved the fact I could lay down and just snooze without worrying about kids or laundry or anything else. After that we found a local bowling alley and I grumbled because I couldn’t find a ball in my weight with big enough finger holes. Back when I was a teen I went bowling a lot and was pretty good. But Saturday I sucked. Music Man also sucked, but still did better than me. I told myself that letting him win was part of my birthday present to him (his birthday was Friday). Whatever makes me feel better! 😉

Sunday morning I slept in until almost eight am, which is HUGE for me, since my internal clock normally has me up by 5:30 everyday (hazards of having a teen who has to be on the bus before 6:30am); then we packed up, found some more breakfast and headed home. On the way home Music Man and I took the chance to talk serious for a couple of hours. Not always a fun task, but we are committed to communicating and making sure we are always upfront and honest with each other. The past month has brought some changes for both of us, so we needed to talk and make sure we were on the same page. Luckily we are.

After the adulting was done, we went to the store for food stuffs. Before we left I started the makings for my homemade pizza dough. At the time I thought the kiddos might be home in time for dinner, something that didn’t end up happening (well, not exactly). No worries, Music Man and I had fun making and eating homemade pizza, queso, salsa fresca, and guacamole. We watched the puppy bowl before switching over to the SuperBowl.

Neither one of us is an Eagles or a Patriots fan, but we decided to root for the Eagles for several reasons. When Ex dropped the kiddos off, they gave us big hugs before digging into the goodies.


I admit I fell asleep during the halftime show, but I needed the sleep so I’m not upset. Today starts a new schedule for me, as I’m opening my Etsy shop and focusing on the social media. It also starts Bubba being home with me all day, everyday as we made the decision to pull him from daycare. More on that later…for now, have a happy Monday everyone!




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