Monday-Here We Go Again…

I’ve long been a fan of “to-do” lists. When I worked for a corporate office I often made myself to-do lists each day in the morning, especially on Mondays and Fridays. I also made a weekly list and a monthly list, because I am that OCD. Having the list made me feel more organized and better prepared to handle whatever my work threw at me.

I feel like I need a to do list for my life. So many balls in the air, so much going on, and my mind is a disorganized mess. As is my house and at-home office. I’ve put aside today and tomorrow to work on that, get more organized and make those to-do list that just make me feel sane.

Since leaving my last work-from-home job, I’ve been granted the opportunity to do lots of other projects, and I need to be able to face them. So this cold, blah Monday (will the sun and warmth ever return?!?) is dedicated to getting organized, making lists, cleaning up and regrouping, both mentally and physically.

One thing that will help is my kids going back to school! Between Christmas, the “bomb cyclone” of a storm, winter colds, in-service days and national bank holidays my girls have been home more than usual. Like, Ana was in school four days and Bits was in school two and a half (thank you sinus infection). Bubba has been going to daycare, but again, not as much so….yeah. My kids need to get back into their routine so I can get back into mine. ASAP. I feel like we’ve been off our routine since Thanksgiving and that was months ago. And as much as I love my kids, I love them even more when they aren’t under foot all the time. I think I have the only two teenagers on the planet who have to be told to go hide in their room all day.

So to-do list, here we go. Life, here we go. Monday, here we go. BOOM! Let’s rock this week y’all, and make it a great one.


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