Frozen Tundra

So apparently the state of Delaware has no clue how to handle snow or bitterly cold temps. After the blizzard/bomb cyclone left us with 12″ of snow on Thursday, the last three days have been filled with getting roads plowed and friends who have dealt with burst pipes and broken heat pumps and missing oil deliveries. After getting downright bitchy with my landlord on Friday over whose responsibility it is to plow our lane (which is not a public lane but a private road owned by a third party); Saturday morning we finally got plowed out and were able to get to the store to pick up groceries, which was a good thing considering our supplies were dwindling.

Music Man and I also had a rough week, but the fact we hung in there and talked it through showed both of us how committed we are. We also were smart enough to examine what and why the problem started…and how to avoid it in the future. Amazing what open, honest communication can do in a relationship!

My cold and ear infections have never completely gone away but last night I hit a low point where I basically laid on the couch and whined like a man with a cold. 😉

This morning I had to run the sound board at church and deal with some tech problems and a smaller crowd, but we did it and handled it and three services went off with reduced singers singing louder and the hoarse pastor asking for prayers his voice held out, which it did. He also gave me a shoutout which was nice…most of the time we techies are the silent warriors or only hear the complaints.

Afterwards I came home to find The Ex had dropped the kids off and Music Man had made lunch and we ate and talked and then I took a nap because Sunday afternoon naps are totally a thing in our house.

Tomorrow Bubba should go back to daycare, but the girls are home from school. The good news is it’s suppose to go above freezing! And supposedly mid-60s by Friday. I’ll wait and see on that though. For now I’m about to go finish laundry and fix dinner and straighten my bedroom and desk before probably falling asleep while watching television. And pray school resumes soon because the kids were back for two days after being home for ten days for Christmas.

And here’s hoping the second week of 2018 goes much better than the first.


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