Snow Crazy

This is my yard currently:

It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s snowing. Again. This makes the third time we’ve had significant snow fall this winter so far…and it’s only January 4th. FML.

In case you didn’t know, this southern gal does not like cold or snow. I had enough of during my hellish teen years spent in the mountains of Yankee country. My first Christmas here in the southern peninsula of Delmarva I put the tree up in shorts and knew I’d fallen in love with where I live.

That love is fading as each winter gets colder and brings more snow and ice. Someone in my life has recently been trying to sell me on the idea of Florida…and I admit it has its appeal (if only I could get over my dislike of tourists…).

Instead I am spending yet another day snowed in with the kiddos balancing work with caring for them and all of us reminding ourselves how much we love each other…especially when we are apart.

If you’re caught in the snowstorm known as Grayson, please be safe. Winds and snow combined are a nasty combination so take precautions and stay home if you can.

I’ll be here…hating the color white and coming up with new ways to entertain kids while being productive.


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