Fast No More

After a hectic week leading up to Ana’s birthday on the 23rd, and a day (and night) of church services on the 24th; my body was crying out for a break. I had consumed so much caffeine and sugar to keep my body and mind going that I was practically swimming in it, including the TWO double shot energy drinks I consumed on Sunday that allowed me to go from 4:00am to 11:45pm without stopping. But it also meant I had too much of a good thing, which is why I started fasting from caffeine starting Christmas Day and sugar on Boxing Day.

No caffeine, no sugar (which also meant almost no dairy since there is a lot of natural sugars in dairy) for three days meant massive withdrawal headaches, fatigue and general moodiness that was usually unleashed on The Music Man, who was probably a little relieved he chose to spend the week with his family six hours away and was only subject to my bitchiness over the phone.

However this morning the fast was broken, as I eagerly brewed a full pot in my beloved French Press just for me. As I slowly sipped that first sip of that delicious manna from bean, I was grateful I had given my system a break…and even more grateful my break was over.

Oh coffee…how I’ve missed you!


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