Six months later…

Wow has it been six months since my last post? Sorry peeps and followers. So much has happened in six months…best to just list it all and start fresh.

~Divorce is done, dude! After what seems like forever, but in reality was less than six months from the date I filed, I got the paper in the mail saying the divorce was finalized. A month later we had a meeting about the kiddos-primarily their health insurance-and that, as they say…is that. The Ex and I both admitted to feeling a sense of loss and a sense of peace, which is normal and good. You can’t share fifteen years and three kids with someone and not feel something when the time is up. My main sense was, I admit, relief that this chapter of my life is finally over.

~Bye Auntie! Also happening this summer? Auntie moved out. After three years of cohabiting, it was mutually decided that a house with a single mom and three kids was not the best environment for an over 65 year old childless woman who never married. While I don’t regret the years we spent together, as she was there for me during a rough time and vice versa…it was also obvious at this stage in both our lives we needed our own spaces. So, for the first time in my entire adult life, I am the only grown-up in the house. And I haven’t managed to burn the place down! Yay! Of course the kiddos are still here…but I don’t think I will ever be totally alone.

~Well it was nice while it lasted…Also gone, although more recently, is my job. I had started working full-time for a small startup firm and even though it quickly grew to more than I was hired for, it taught me new skills, allowed me to brush up on old ones, and afforded me a certain flexibility that is needed when you have three kids: one special needs, one tween and one toddler; and an ex who’s work schedule literally changes from week to week and doesn’t allow him the luxury of calling in sick to take a kid to the doctor without major flak from the higher-ups. This also means I’m on the job-hunt again, while having more time to devote to other projects, like this blog.

~I once knew a man…One of these days I’m gonna write a book about my exploits as a single mom dating again, when I never really dated all that much before I was married all those years ago. The messages I got, the lines I heard, and the sheer amount of dick pics was…eye-opening. It was enough to make me consider becoming a lesbian but then I remembered we females are even moodier. I told a friend of mine I was gonna give it one more week…and not compromise my standards. I had a certain age, distance, body type, lifestyle in mind. Over 35, within fifteen miles, lean and tall, and must have kids of his own so he understood the parenting life. Then I went to a concert, met this guy, saw his profile a couple days later and used it as a chance to tell him how much I enjoyed hearing him play…and the rest is history. I now have my own Music Man who doesn’t fit any of the aforementioned standards. And that is an amazing thing. A great thing. What he does fit is my heart and soul, and also fits into our little family seamlessly. I don’t want to get too mushy but…you get the point. It hasn’t been easy all the time…the distance and our own lives plus you know, my own personal issues…BUT…I’m happy. He’s happy. So I’m gonna enjoy the happiness and not overthink it.

So I’m back…and have decided to not make this a lifestyle blog, but my lifestyle blog. Moving forward this will be what my old blog before was…a place for me to share my life and what’s going on and hopefully someone else can enjoy/learn along with me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go be super glamorous and fold towels now. Because one thing that hasn’t changed, is laundry. I still do lots, and lots, of laundry. Yay me! Not…


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