Hanging Tough…

Sunday was good…Sunday I was at the beach, enjoying some rare solo sun time, reading a book by oldest had recommended (yay for my kid finally being almost my contemporary when it comes to reading-love discussing books with her), texting a friend…later on went out to dinner with Auntie and toasted the fact that I had survived over a full year of this official single mom life…so Happy Father’s Day to me!

Monday was…busy. Tommy started his new daycare, Ani started a summer day camp, and I started realizing that just because someone says they want you to work for them, they hire you, you even fill out paperwork and take the online orientation…it doesn’t mean you necessarily have a job.

By Tuesday, FOUR jobs I thought I had fell out for one reason or another…I think. One place I still can’t get a return call other than a secretary saying “your manager will be calling you back…”. I also spent the day running around, after starting it with running nuts.

Wednesday I decided to not only keep applying to more jobs, I followed up with places I had already applied. Something that was taught to me over 20 years ago in “How to Get Hired 101”, but I was a teenager then…no wonder I forgot! Who truly remembers their teen years? Don’t we just block it out? But anyways…I hit the books, I mean computer, and my phone. And scored three impromptu phone interviews, two screening calls, and three interview requests. In four hours. I also found out several places had already hired someone else…and many of them hadn’t even looked at the applications yet. I get it, you’re busy and this is why you are hiring an admin! (Most of my applications were for admin/office/reception jobs…the same job I’ve been doing for twenty years…and love…cause I’m weird like that).

Thursday dawned…and set…and I ended the day with hopefully one, possibly two positions. I say hopefully because of my history with the last four jobs…so until I start working there…and collect my first paycheck…I’ll stay on hold.

But it’s Friday, and already it’s been a rough week. A week of ups and downs…and of realizing there is a certain type of desperation that lives online (not just with the job, but also personally, I ran into some weird situations). And as I gear up for a busy weekend I’m looking forward to a brand new week, and hopefully easier one. Well…maybe not easier…but if I don’t have to tell someone I won’t marry them even if they double my salary (that actually happened…and I didn’t even know the guy beyond his name and business) or realize I had been passed over for a job because “mommy” will work for free (also happened…told you it was a weird week), then I’m doing great!


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