Life…It Keeps Coming!

LAWD….Y’all….so much for my promise to post more often, huh? Every time I think life is gonna slow down…life throws me another curve! So much has happened in the last month…I need to get better about making time to update yall!

So what’s new? Well, I’m starting a new position soon that will require me to spend more time outside the home…a big switch since I haven’t done this in several years. But it’s a job I’ve done before (with another company), and LOVED, so I’m looking forward to doing it again, this time just a bit differently. I did all the new hire paperwork online, and so far everything I’ve read makes sense. Plus I have flexibility with my schedule, which I need with three kids going in three different directions!

With me working that means Tommy gets to go to “school”, aka daycare full-time. I think he will love it, we visited the place and he immediately found a friend and was happy to go along with the other kids. I’m looking forward to him finding playmates his own age as well since currently my not-even-two-year-old son thinks he’s twelve…because his playmates now are sisters and their friends, aka tweens and teens.

And school is out for the summer…we are preparing to move one into middle school and one into high school…and I’m totally not ready to have a high schooler! And now it’s summer and both girls have things they want to do, things they are signed up for already and have already said “I’m bored” enough to drive me nuts.

So that’s life here…it goes on!


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