Weekend Activities

We had such a busy weekend around here! The kids got back Friday afternoon from a trip with Daddy to their favorite place in the whole world…Grandma’s House! To be fair my MIL is an amazing hostess so I can’t blame them. She and my FIL have mastered the art of making their house a peaceful home. For instance this is their front yard…

I mean…doesn’t that just say “come in and make yourself at home”?!? 

When they got back I had gotten a kiddie pool/slide for Tommy and Ani also loved playing in it…which was perfect since it was almost 90 degrees! 

They also headed for our “sandbox” I had made on our back porch. 

Cheap baby pool from Walmart+two $3 bags of play sand + old beach toys=hours of fun while Mom works from home!

Dinner was done on the grill, thanks to a morning trip to the grocery store where the guy in the meat & seafood department clued me in on some awesome fresh tuna steak they had just gotten in:

I made those, roasted red potatoes with rosemary (also done on the grill-just put the roasting pan over the flame and let them cook!) and cucumber-tomato salad which is a summer staple in our house as Auntie requests it weekly. I’m telling you-make friends with your grocery store staff and you will always know the best deals and freshest foods! 

Sunday we headed off to church and even though I’m not big into matching outfits for my kids, I proudly rocked my new tshirt from Imperishable Clothing Co. Their #jsbtee design caught my eye last year and I bought one for Tommy and then recently snagged their new rocker tee design for myself. 

I gotta admit, it made me feel way cooler than I actually am! And I had more than one person-young and old-tell me how much they liked it. 

After church we came home as I had some work due then it was more playtime and even a short nap before getting everyone organized for Monday. I have a busy week and lots of irons in the fire which is making me super excited at some new things I’m getting to learn and hopefully soon share with you!

In the meantime I shared this on the GRITSOnline Facebook page this morning as it seemed to fit the day:

Hope your Monday isn’t eating you! Have a great one #GritsGang!


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