What is GRIT(S)?

I’ve been thinking about the name I chose for this site…”GRITS Online”. As every girl born south of the Mason-Dixon knows, GRITS stands for “Girls Born In The South”. And yes that is me. That is so me, that even when I don’t have my accent going, a simple “I’m originally from the South/Mississippi” has people nodding as if that one fact explains everything they know about me. It doesn’t explain everything, but it does explain a lot. What can I say, you can take the girl out of the South, but you can not take the South out of the girl!

Lately I’ve come to realize that GRIT(S) also means something else. It means those of us that have been through a rough time, are going through a rough time, or know that life is full of rough times, and yet we simply grit our teeth, grit our faith and grit in the belief that it will one day get better and keep going. The dictionary defines “grit” as “firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck.

I can not think of a better way to want to be described. I was recently talking with a friend who wasn’t afraid to call me out on my flaws. I love/hate/love those in my life who do that for me. At that moment I was leaning more towards the “hate” part until I was reminded that even my flaws can be a positive thing. I literally stopped formulating the diatribe of cleverly worded insults I was forming in my mind when I heard that. And suddenly the “hate” went back to “love” and then also more than a tad “annoyed” because darn it-I had a really good response formed!

When I told my friend that they laughed and said “That’s one of the things I love about you.” Well, there went any ounce of annoyance and my heart was once again full of love and gratitude for those God has placed in my life who aren’t afraid to remind me of my strengths and my weaknesses. And it’s both of those that make up “GRIT”. It’s the weaknesses in ourselves that we acknowledge and deal with and our strengths we use to overcome whatever life has dealt us.

So I’m proposing a new definition of the term GRITSIn addition to the whole “Girls Raised in The South”, how about it also stand for:

Girls/Guys Reveling In Their Stamina

And y’all…guess what another word for “stamina” is? GRIT.

So I now declare us the #gritsgang. I encourage y’all to share what you’re doing to overcome your rough moments with the hashtag, and I promise to be completely open with y’all with what I’m facing. For instance this week along I’m dealing with:

-School IEP meetings-always a good outcome, never a good thing to prep for

-Finances suddenly changing.

-Accepting a new freelance job that has me currently undergoing twelve hours of online training. I literally have a sign taped to my door that says “Do not disturb-text only if emergency!” Luckily The Ex has had the kids the last two days! It also meant having the cable/internet guys out here twice and the phone guys out here to help me move wires and set up my new home office-in my bedroom. This job also means committing actual day and time blocks, something I’m not one to do since my schedule changes so randomly from day to day, with three kids and an Ex who’s own work schedule is never the same two days in a row.

-Several close relationships/friendships being redefined. Sure it happens, and yes we all survive them, but it’s never an easy process.

-Accepting that it’s a holiday weekend and spring break starts Friday which means I have ten days of three kids home ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT and I’m not ready for this. It’s also a reminder Summer is getting closer and I’M NOT READY FOR THIS. And I love our church, it’s like our extended family. But this weekend means we will be there for the next four days at some point or another. Once I’m there I will love every single second-Easter is truly one of my favorite holy days and this past Sunday being Palm Sunday is always one of my favorite Sunday Services, and I got to be a part of three amazing services last week that left me so spirit filled I thought I might bust. But looking at the calendar and seeing all those dates I get overwhelmed, especially when I also know we have school and soccer practice (why did I let my child manage the team?) and shopping and errands so much else at the same time.

-My lawn guy’s mower broke. This might be the thing that breaks me because my OCD is strong so seeing my lawn unruly drives me nuts. I love our normal lawn guy, he’s so amazing and sweet and just as OCD as me about it which means I never have to worry if he’s gonna show up-he just somehow knows the grass is getting long and I hear him outside on his riding mower taming my almost 3/4 acre lot. But now I have to find a new lawn guy for the interim and I don’t wanna! I know #firstworldproblem if there ever was one, right? But hey…sometimes it’s the little things that push us over the top!

Stay strong Grits Gang!

PS-I promise I’ll come up with a catchy logo and slogan for us soon.


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