And Away We Go…

Here we go…the official first post of GRITS. To kick things off, I thought I’d answer the question I get most often asked in real life, which is:

“If you’re such a southern girl, then why live in the Yankee north?”

Because of this:

IMG_8309The beach. Yes, we have beaches in the south…but they are so far away, and so limited.

I took that photo last week, by the way. Yes, it was March (barely, but still). Spring and Fall are some of my favorite times to go to the beach and just enjoy all that it has to bring, like peace and calm and just…happy! I can’t explain it but I know I’m not alone because so many of us have the same reaction when our toes hit the sand and we simply stop and stare out over that huge expanse of water.


He may not yet be two, but Tommy loves the beach already. He can’t help himself. So when I grabbed him, our ancient bag of ancient beach toys, one of my close friends and her daughter who is around the same age (and yes we’ve already arranged their marriage-don’t worry! LOL), he was more than happy to plop himself down and start digging. I may have to invest in a sandbox of some sort for our backyard, as that kid could play for hours in the sand with a shovel and not much else.

So when people ask me why I live in the “Yankee north”, as my cousins like to tease me, I simply say: the beach.


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